What is Igazu Blue? Why is it named that way? How can you use it in your own home?

Read on to uncover Study of Colour's 8 ways to style with this latest shade of cool.

A new ERA, a new PINK.

The fashion and interior design worlds see a "new look" pink pushing boundaries in all directions.

Its Bold. Its Brash. Its slashing gender stereotypes. Its making a statement.

Keep reading and discover why..???

Ok, ok…. So maybe you’ve never used black in your interior colour schemes in the first place, but what we’re trying to convey is the ABSOLUTE versatility of the colour that is our new best friend, Navy. And, if you’re wondering how to use it at home and why, well that’s where ‘The C Word’ comes in…

Who is Study of Colour? What do we stand for?

So what is "The C Word"? How is it connected?

(and check out the 'behind the scenes' photos while you're here!)