Is there a place for Navy in your home? Well that depends… Is the sky blue? Emphatically, the answer is Y-E-S and we’re going to explain the what, how, why, when and where to use this indulgent yet cool, calm and collected shade of blue.

Why decorate with Navy?

There’s no denying that colour affects our mood - so understanding the impact of navy is a great start. Navy signifies importance, confidence, power, and authority. But why the f*&#? If we take it back to bare basics, this colour literally gets its name from the shade worn by the british navy in the 19th century. Think prestige, strength and nobility. What does this mean for you? Well it’s as simple as this: use the power of this colour to your advantage, let it help boost assertiveness and express intelligence. Decorate your home office or library with Navy walls or decor like the one below captured by Sharyn Cairns for www.houseandgarden.co.uk and watch how much smarter you’ll work! (well at least give it a go…)

Sharyn Cairns for House & Garden, Navy Library

You would have heard the rule “don’t use dark colours in small spaces”. Ignore that one - we actually believe that using Navy in small spaces can have a dramatic and space-opening effect, especially when positioned near a window that allows for the change in hue as the light changes through the day. Don’t let Navy get all gloomy though - add fresh pops of colour that help liven the mood and you’ll end up with a sultry scene like the one below by www.HGLivingbeautifully.com featuring an Arlo & Jacob footstool and matching velvet cushion.

Arlo & Jacob footstoll and matching velvet cushion - Navy Blue

Ok, so drama is not your thing? Maybe you’re going for something more “boho chic” - Try a Shibori cushion or two like the ones featured on www.apartmenttherapy.com (below). Navy blue and white really work together well to give a fresher, lighter air to this space. It all goes to prove the versatility of the star of the show, NAVY.

Shibori cushions featured on www.apartmenttherapy.com

Working with Navy coloured walls? Lighting is really important here, you’ll want to prevent the walls looking chalky (or even black!) - so as day turns to night, set the mood lighting. Navy is a perfect colour for a bedroom feature wall.  The following example taken from www.bestofdiyideas.com

Navy feature wall with nightstand and light

What colours pair well with Navy?

Navy is a neutral colour - it really does go well with everything! But a few of our favourite combos for 2018 are:

  1. Rose Pink and Navy: These two are a match made in heaven. Just take a look at the below set of 3 prints by Urban Epiphany, available on Etsy. The masculinity of navy really sets off the softness of pink (by the way, we’re not promoting that blue/pink is only for boys/girls!!) Set of 3 prints by Urban Epiphany - Available on Etsy
  2. Teal/Navy : We find the soothing and soft quality of teal works so well with a stronger contrast of Navy, like the cushion stack below by H&M. Or check out the Pave Your Way Quilt Cover by Study of Colour for another great example.Navy and teal velvet pillows from H&M
  3. All things metallic: If you’re into something a luxe and possibly even a little glam, then pair navy with Gold, Bronze and mirrored objects. Take a look at the example below from www.wearescout.com
We Are Scout - Navy Sofa


We’ve given you a small taste of Navy love - and we’re not going to give it all away just yet! Over the next couple of weeks we’ll be sharing some navy inspiration for you via @studyofcolour - so stay tuned and get colourful.