About Study of Colour.


Study of Colour is a Melbourne based bedding brand that was founded on the principle that colour plays a vital role in the mood, personality and style of a space. With this in mind, new dimensions to design choices are apparent. 

At Study of Colour, we source carefully considered products for everyday life. We value practicality and functionality; the impact a design can have on your state of mind and body, alongside beauty and design. 

We develop artisanal, small batch products; prioritising quality over quantity. We believe that less is more - preferring customers to choose our products for the long haul, rather than impulse buys. 


We commit to adopting sustainable practices. Every effort is made to consider our environment at all stages of the supply chain.

We reject single use plastics, our packaging is entirely biodegradable. Read about composting fabrics here.

We print our designs on organic cotton. Learn why organic cotton is best here

We’ve partnered with Sendle to offer carbon neutral delivery to our customers. 

We are committed to reforestation, partnering with One Tree Planted to plant a tree for every item sold. Trees clean our air and water, create habitats for biodiversity, contribute to our health and wellbeing and create jobs for social impact. 

We support women in business. Women make up just over a third of all business owners in Australia. We are a business run by women, with female contributors from sourcing through to design and production. As mothers of daughters, we are working to better our world and our industry for our children and the generations to come.

As a young business we are always looking to improve our processes, and we commit to continuously do this as we grow.