Ok. So you've landed here. You must be curious. We hear you murmering under your breath as you're reading this article, 'What on EARTH is Igazu Blue?'  Well, that's an apt question and our response relates to EARTH indeed. Think tallest waterfall in the world. Think brilliant and cooling azure water crashing down and you're closer to imagining this bodacious shade of blue that shimmers at the 'Igazu Falls' in Argentina.

If you still don't believe us, see this absolutely unedited image of said waterfall  with rainbow (note sarcasm please.)

 Igazu Falls Argentina

Now that we've introduced our favourite flave, let's explore 8 ways to decorate with this coo-hool shade:

1. Take full advantage of the tranquil effects of this colour to create a soothing oasis of calm in your very own living room. Use a 'tone-on-tone' technique to layer a variety of blue shades and textures together. Go for your life! Apartment therapy share this b-l-u-e lounge room below as a prime example:

Tone on tone living room

2. Just because "everyone loves blue" doesn't mean you can't use this colour in novel or interesting ways. Take Igazu Blue and turn it on it's head by mixing with soft pastels. You'll see surprised faces all around wondering why they didn't think of that!! That's what we said when our stylist Bree Leech wowed us with her ideas for the Ripple Effect Duvet Cover. See more of her fab work on her site http://breeleech.com/.

Ripple Effect 100% cotton quilt cover

3. Give a room a 'Mood Make-over'. Research says that blue releases relaxing hormones - thanks thepsychmind.com - and if there's one place a person must relax it is in the bedroom. So we say go all out and Igazu the hell out of your boudoir, like this example by London-based Art Director Twig Hutchinson that works so well set against a Jade Green backdrop.

Igazu Blue Bedroom

4. We don't like diets. But if you happen to be on one, here's a trick: invest in some Igazu Blue dinnerware. Apparently its not only the size of the plate that matters, but the colour can have an impact too. It has been told that blue helps to suppress your appetite because your brain does not associate it with food, rather with poison! Yikes! (oh hi blue velvet cupcakes)

Oh, Hi blue cupcakes...

5. Time for some blue sky thinking? Sure, you could keep the blinds open, let in that natural light and ponder life... But what about those nosy neighbours? For those times when the shades really must be drawn, try furnishing those windows with some igazu blue curtains. Now its sunny blue skies ALL the time, like this scene courtesy of Maybe Someday.

Igazu Blue curtains drapes shades blinds

6. Accents. You really don't have to go as far as buying an antique Chinese Ginger Jar (are those things still popular?) to share a bit of blue love. Experiment with a few cushions, vases, pictures or pot plants instead. Or.... you could always buy that perfect blue sofa you've been eyeing off. Our rule: all colours go well with this shade of blue, it's like coordinating with a favourite pair of jeans! (see example above, or contrastingly, the neutral décor example from loaf.com below)

Blue sofa couch

7. How about an Igazu blue tiled bathroom to encourage you to dream of far off places? The below example by our old mates @apartmentherapy says ECLECTIC, INDULGENT, MOORISH.

Tiled moroccan bathroom

8. Lucky last... and we'll head outside for this one: paint an outdoor wall in this colour reminiscent of the sky and watch the space extend out as if double in size. Ok it might not, really, but it's sure to change the way you feel about your simple courtyard. And apparently it helps to keep mosquitoes away (according to residents of Chefchaouen, the famously blue town in Morrocco).

blue painted courtyard


So there you have it. 8 interesting ways to style with IGAZU BLUE. But we've got more in store for you... stay tuned into @studyofcolour on Instagram and we'll keep the ideas and inspiration flowing.