So you’ve made your way to our blog - we’re happy to have you! And you may have noticed from its name, "The C Word", that we, at Study of Colour, are here to make a statement. But we don’t want to scare you off, or give you the wrong impression. There is actually some meaning behind the name "The C Word". We will take this opportunity, with our opening post, to share this with you.


To begin with, it is important to explain….who is Study of Colour? What do we stand for?

Study of Colour started out of a passion for bold colour and complex pattern layering. We kept seeing greys, whites and a wide variety of beige in homeware design, particularly within the bed linen market. We thought "Let's see if we can push the boundaries, get people on board with using colour more frequently, without fear". It started with some exploration into the psychological impacts that colour and pattern have on emotions. With our first collection of brightly coloured bed linen, named R.E.M (reach.explore.make) we used this knowledge gained to try to encourage thoughtful design. R.E.M is all about empowering the home decorator in you to make design decisions with your needs in mind. What are your goals? Ambitions? Desires? How can colour be used to influence the attainment of these?


So what is The C Word? How is it connected?

We see it as an opportunity to share our colour research and interpretation with you. Think of it as The Source of colour inspo, explanation and meaning. Ultimately we want to open your mind up to the powerful impact that colour can have on your day to day….Can it excite you? Make you happy? Be a relaxant? Or motivate you to jump out of bed and reach for more?  


We explore trending design, social and environmental themes. We open up thought and conversation on the topics that are circulating our current world. These are strongly linked to the decisions we make about our immediate surroundings.  Whatever your drivers may be, we hope that, via The C Word, we may encourage you to push the boundaries and think outside the box.


A word of warning:

We may use colourful language.

You may not always agree with our statements,

We may throw away the rule book

but hey, we will make you think…


Before we leave, take a look at some ‘behind the scenes’ shots for R.E.M, which capture the fun that was had on shoot day. We had so much fun collaborating with creatives at L.A.N.D deKommune. A special thank you to our loved ones that helped to make the process come together: Erin, Rachel, Nick and Steph - couldn’t have done it without you!

See our Insta feed @studyofcolour for an introduction into the collision of colour and pattern that makes up our first bedding range, R.E.M.

Live in Colour.


Study of Colour - R.E.M Campaign shoot with L.A.N.D deKommuneStudy of Colour - R.E.M Campaign shoot with L.A.N.D deKommuneStudy of Colour - R.E.M Campaign shoot with L.A.N.D deKommuneStudy of Colour - R.E.M Campaign shoot with L.A.N.D deKommuneStudy of Colour - R.E.M Campaign shoot with L.A.N.D deKommune